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Dave Bidini - Interview with Writer/Musician

Dave Bidini – Interview with Writer/Musician

Photo (from First Chapter ) of Dave Bidini, with Bobby Orr button, Hockey Canada tuque and short lived mustache. The Toronto Star has a great profile on writer/musician Dave Bidini, check it out here.

Pacific Festival of the Book

Pacific Festival of the Book

Due to travel/work I missed the 3rd annual Pacific Festival of the Book that ran May 4-15. Well, I did manage to run  in to (for maybe 10 minutes) one panel discussion and here, finally, are a couple of photos from the event. I didn’t want the Festival to pass  without a mention even if [...]

Beat poet Harold Norse, dead at 92

Obituaries from the New York Times and the LA Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Poets And Authors Write The News

Israeli newspaper assigns 31 poets and authors to cover the news for one day.

If You’re Happy And Don’t Want To Be………

The Independent has a quirky feature by David Nicholls, a list of  The Top Ten Literary Tear Jerkers. This is actually quite amusing, not quite what you’d expect from a list of this sort. Here’s a sample: ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST BY KEN KESEY I’ve not read this for twenty-five years now, so [...]

Other People Are Busy With Ugly Big Toes

I may have been inactive but other sites are busy. Zach Well’s latest entry at Career Limiting Moves is titled The Ugly Big Toe of Essentialism and frankly it’s worth reading for that headline alone. While I was slacking off,  John MacDonald was very busy documenting the Ottawa literary scene (and family, and news etc). [...]

Back And Annoyed But With A Reminder of Robert Service

Back And Annoyed But With A Reminder of Robert Service

My apologies for the lack of updates, interviews etc. I have been busy, away etc. and the downside of one person operation is that it’s one person. I had hoped to get the site rolling again tonight with photos from the David Sedaris reading at Bolen Books but that won’t be happening as I was [...]