3rd Annual Victoria Anarchist Bookfair

A steady stream of visitors filled the Cool Aid Society Downtown Community Activity Centre for Victoria’s 3rd annual Anarchist Bookfair. Booths were manned by publishers (big and small), groups and activists.  The biggest publisher represented was AK Press, with Ashley Rowe (top photo) making the trip up from Oakland, California to attend. Local bookstore Camas Collective in attendance and Melanie Sylvestre (R) chatted with one of the Bookfair organizers Kim Croswell (2nd photo). The D.I.Y. crowd was well represented with lots of zine producing groups including members of the Sharpie Fumes Collective (bottom photo).

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  1. hey, that ashley rowe grrrl went missing last week! now i see she is in canada, ha!

    jk, hope she sold all the ak shit.

    revolutionary greetings from occupied aztlan, jose palafox.

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