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Malcolm Lowry Centenary

Writer Tom Hawthorn has a column in the Globe and Mail about the ongoing connection between the late Malcolm Lowry and British Columbia and a centenary conference celebrating the author at The University of British Columbia.

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Dave Bidini – Interview with Writer/Musician


Photo (from First Chapter ) of Dave Bidini, with Bobby Orr button, Hockey Canada tuque and short lived mustache.

The Toronto Star has a great profile on writer/musician Dave Bidini, check it out here.

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Beat poet Harold Norse, dead at 92

Obituaries from the New York Times and the LA Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Poets And Authors Write The News

Israeli newspaper assigns 31 poets and authors to cover the news for one day.

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If You’re Happy And Don’t Want To Be………

The Independent has a quirky feature by David Nicholls, a list of  The Top Ten Literary Tear Jerkers. This is actually quite amusing, not quite what you’d expect from a list of this sort.

Here’s a sample:

I’ve not read this for twenty-five years now, so am quite prepared to be told that it’s nothing special. As a seventeen year-old, however, I thought this was a masterpiece of world literature. I was working in a coffee percolator factory at the time, reading this in my lunch breaks, and returning to the assembly line red-eyed and shaken after the death of McMurphy. You can imagine how complex and interesting my workmates thought I was after that.

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Other People Are Busy With Ugly Big Toes

I may have been inactive but other sites are busy.

Zach Well’s latest entry at Career Limiting Moves is titled The Ugly Big Toe of Essentialism and frankly it’s worth reading for that headline alone.

While I was slacking off,  John MacDonald was very busy documenting the Ottawa literary scene (and family, and news etc).

Richard at Book Addiction updates about the Eighth Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE).

By the time you read this you can check out Patrick Rawley on Desk Space.

Need to get out of town, check out the lineup for the upcoming (Aug 15-31, 2009) Edinburgh Book Festival courtesy of the Guardian. Canada’s own Margaret Atwood will be in attendance.

Coming up from Lumiere Press, publishers of very fine art books on photography, a new volume, this one on Paul Caponigro.

Biblioasis promotes Terry Griggs with a National Post link.

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Books Into Sculpture

Photographer Cara Barer turns old books into sculpture and then photographs them. Images here on the Telegraph website. More images at

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Who’s That Canadian Writer?

Naomi Lakritz, in the Calgary Herald, has a column pointing out results from a poll showing that 50% of Canadians can’t name a Canadian author.

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From the Newspapers – A Roundup

In the New York Times, Paul Greenberg has a plan to bail out writers! The NYT also picks their top ten books for 2008.

From the Seattle Times, art critic Sheila Carr writes about writing on the arts.

From London:

In the Independent, a collection of letters and manuscripts from Oscar Wilde are resdiscovered and a nine-ear-old boy writes a pick-up guide ‘How To Talk To Girls’, now set to be a movie.

In the Times, an interview with Khaled Hosseini.

In the Guardian, five writers write about their fathers and long lost recordings of poet Philip Larkin reading are about to be released.

From Australia:

In the Sydney Morning Herald, news that writer and poet Dorothy Porter has died.

In the Age (Melbourne) , writers talk about favourite reads of the year.

From Canada:

An interview in the Globe ad Mail with 87-year-old Farley Mowat.

In the National Post, why writers need agents.

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No Time To Write – Try Six Word Memoirs

The Guardian has a Memoir On A Postcard feature in their book section. You can type right onto an online postcard and either send it as a private message or post it in public. A feature inspired by the book One Life, Six Words, What’s Yours?  An examples given from the book include Blake Morrison’s ‘Womb, Bloom,Groom, Gloom, Rheum, Tomb’.  Online examples include ‘There’s no word to describe the’ and ‘To date, one love, no deaths’