Poet Tree -Carla Funk & Glenn Closson


Sculptor Glenn Clossom created a sculpture to honour Carla Funk, Victoria’s first poet laureate, that was installed at the corner of Government and Broughton Streets in downtown Victoria February 2. The sculpture, a 4.5 metre metal tree, has Funk’s poem Hide and Seek displayed on metal ribbons woven in the tree branches.





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when i was in victoria, i was absolutely charmed by the town and i left my heart there with all the flowers and architecture. However, i think the thing that captured my intruige as well as my heart was this sculpture. To me it was beautiful, symbolic and utterly random. Being an american as well as a teenager, i tend to revolve around in my own little world and only visit the outside once every 3 weeks, i had no idea about anything about it. Yet, i could not stop thinking about this beautiful piece of artwork and literature. It was the object of my lens for a good 20 frames. The combination of words and brass(or whatever this medium is) captivated and mystified me even though i had no idea what it was or why it was there until a few minutes ago. Now that i know, i must say i apperciate it even more than i did before. Also i must say that the brass tree does these words great justice as they give them as certain aura that silently demands a regal attention. In other words, i adored this peice of work and it’s stunning in its beauty. Wonderful job

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