Poetry Reading – Monty Reid & Dvora Levin

Host and poet Wendy Morton introduced poets Monty Reid from Ottawa and Dvora Levin at the weekly Planet Earth Poetry readings at the Black Stilt cafe in Victoria. An open mike reading preceded the two main readers.  A special guest who read during the open mike and then came back to read last was sidewalk artist and storyteller Ian Morris.


Host Wendy Morton


Ian Morris


Ian Morris


Ottawa poet Monty Reid


Monty Reid and audience at the Black Stilt Cafe


Dvora Levin reads with backing from duo Kouskous, Amber Woods and Gary Cohen


Dvora Levin


Books by Monty Reid and Dvora Levin

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4 Responses to “Poetry Reading – Monty Reid & Dvora Levin”

  1. Don,
    These are just lovely pictures of the evening.
    Thank you for your fine talent and careful eye. I think you are a true poet.

  2. thx for the photos

    good to know about the website too

  3. Monty!!!

  4. Hi,
    It’s true what they said about you, your photo’s are really good!
    We were wondering if you could send the photo of us (or any other’s you think are good) so that we can include it in our “press kit”.

    Gary and Amber (Kouskous)

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