Russell Books

This photo originally ran as part of a photo feature in the Victoria NewsRussell Books is well known in Victoria, BC, both for the service and the selection. The store is the largest used and remaindered book shop in Canada. Aliyah, the young daughter of managers Andrea and Jordan Minter spends lots of time in the store with her parents. On this day she spotted the stool and made a beeline for it. Her mother removed her before she actually climbed up on the steps.

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I love the photo. The wide angle, the perspective (vanishing point)…the mosaic of colors of the myriad book covers- like Tibetan wollen socks.

And ofcourse the little girl trying to clamber onto the stool, one foot at a time.

(But the presence of man positioned right at the convergence is a bit..urm, uh…distracting.)

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