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Anonymous Bookshelf #6

Anonymous Bookshelf #6

From the Newspapers – A Roundup

In the New York Times, Paul Greenberg has a plan to bail out writers! The NYT also picks their top ten books for 2008. From the Seattle Times, art critic Sheila Carr writes about writing on the arts. From London: In the Independent, a collection of letters and manuscripts from Oscar Wilde are resdiscovered and [...]

Ronald Wright - What Is America? - Reading

Ronald Wright – What Is America? – Reading

Several hundred people turned out to hear essayist, historian and novelist Ronald Wright read from his new book What is America? at Victoria’s Alix Goolden Hall. The event was sponsored by Munro’s Books.

Crystal balls and independent bookstores

Writers foreseeing the future in their fiction. Who’s done it. The Times check their crystal ball. Where do you review audio books? The Independent looks at the 10 best children’s audio books in their books pages. Emma Brockes on Lorrie Moore in the Sydney Morning Herald. A great headline Writing’s Easier For Obsessives. In the [...]

A Variety

The Globe and Mail on Douglas Gibson leaving M&S. From the Guardian, why books need to be touched not just looked at although Chas Newkey-Burden begs to differ on the subject of second hand books In the Independent, the “Espresso Book Machine” will allow you to print out a novel in seven minutes. In the [...]

Anonymous Bookshelf #2

Anonymous Bookshelf #2

Bestseller Search

In the Globe and Mail, Andrew Pyper on the search by publishers for bestsellers.

A Sunday Roundup

A selection of articles from the British newspapers’ book pages. For Fathers’ Day, in The Guardian, writers write about their fathers In The Times, Jeanette Winterson on the value of the British Library and why we should fund culture as well Alexander Monro on the Yellow Mountain poetry festival in Cardiff, Wales. The Yellow Mountain [...]

Who Needs Book Reviews

The Guardian’s Alastair Harper on why he’d rather read restaurant reviews than book reviews.

Anonymous Bookshelf #1

Anonymous Bookshelf #1