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Rowan The Strange Book Cover

Rowan The Strange Book Cover

The cover for Julie Hearn’s book Rowan The Strange published by Oxford University Press is based on a photo I took several years ago of my youngest son.  It’s always great to get an image published somewhere different and while I’ve had my own books published and have had a number of writer portraits used [...]

No Time To Write – Try Six Word Memoirs

The Guardian has a Memoir On A Postcard feature in their book section. You can type right onto an online postcard and either send it as a private message or post it in public. A feature inspired by the book One Life, Six Words, What’s Yours?  An examples given from the book include Blake Morrison’s [...]

A Sunday Roundup

A selection of articles from the British newspapers’ book pages. For Fathers’ Day, in The Guardian, writers write about their fathers In The Times, Jeanette Winterson on the value of the British Library and why we should fund culture as well Alexander Monro on the Yellow Mountain poetry festival in Cardiff, Wales. The Yellow Mountain [...]

Who Needs Book Reviews

The Guardian’s Alastair Harper on why he’d rather read restaurant reviews than book reviews.