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If You’re Happy And Don’t Want To Be………

The Independent has a quirky feature by David Nicholls, a list of  The Top Ten Literary Tear Jerkers. This is actually quite amusing, not quite what you’d expect from a list of this sort.

Here’s a sample:

I’ve not read this for twenty-five years now, so am quite prepared to be told that it’s nothing special. As a seventeen year-old, however, I thought this was a masterpiece of world literature. I was working in a coffee percolator factory at the time, reading this in my lunch breaks, and returning to the assembly line red-eyed and shaken after the death of McMurphy. You can imagine how complex and interesting my workmates thought I was after that.

In The Newspapers

A Sunday Roundup

A selection of articles from the British newspapers’ book pages.

For Fathers’ Day, in The Guardian, writers write about their fathers

In The Times, Jeanette Winterson on the value of the British Library and why we should fund culture as well Alexander Monro on the Yellow Mountain poetry festival in Cardiff, Wales. The Yellow Mountain festival is a gathering of Chinese and English poets to conduct joint translations.

In The Independent, their guide to the 50 Best Summer Reads and an extract from a new book of letters from the 1940’s by the Soho bohemian Julian Maclaren-Ross.

In The Telegraph, an article on Leonard Cohen, although Cohen the singer not Cohen the poet and their guide to summer reading.