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Rowan The Strange Book Cover

Rowan The Strange Book Cover

The cover for Julie Hearn’s book Rowan The Strange published by Oxford University Press is based on a photo I took several years ago of my youngest son.  It’s always great to get an image published somewhere different and while I’ve had my own books published and have had a number of writer portraits used [...]

P. K. Page -You are Here - Book Launch

P. K. Page -You are Here – Book Launch

The Grande Dame of Canadian Letters, P.K. (Patricia Kathleen)  Page, launched her latest book ‘You are Here’ , published by Hedgerow Press, with a book reading and signing at the Winchester Galleries Humboldt Street location in Victoria. The 92-year-old Page, who is especially noted for her poetry, has had nearly forty books published in genres [...]

Interview - Robert Amos - James Joyce & Finnegans Wake

Interview – Robert Amos – James Joyce & Finnegans Wake

What do you do when you find yourself obsessed by a writer and one of his books? If you’re artist Robert Amos and the writer is James Joyce and the book is Finnegans Wake you use your art training to investigate the text. By this process Amos has created a new art with Joyce’s words. [...]

Anonymous Bookshelf #3

Anonymous Bookshelf #3

Artist Robert Amos - James Joyce & Finnegans Wake

Artist Robert Amos – James Joyce & Finnegans Wake

Artist Robert Amos creates art in a multitude of mediums and a variety of subjects. He is noted for his paintings of Victoria, his collage photographic portraits of artists in their studio and other work. He is less known for his James Joyce related art. Amos, fascinated by Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, has turned to his [...]

Robert J. Wiersema - Interview

Robert J. Wiersema – Interview

First off, let’s look at who Rob Wiersema is. You’ve been described 
as a writer, journalist and bookseller. You’re also married and a 
father. How do you balance all these roles? Not all that well, depending on the day, to be perfectly honest.
The fact is, my job at the bookstore is full time. Writing is [...]

Border Line Ignorance

The Seattle Post Intelligencer has a great (small but slowly, slowly growing) section online on Northwest writers that includes a range of writers from novelist Tom Robbins to cartoonist Ellen Forney. Each piece has a sample of writing as well as a video of the writer speaking on a variety of topics. Looking through the [...]

Top 10 Canadian Novels For Canada Day

Thirty years after the National Conference on the Canadian Novel in Calgary picked the 100 most important works of fiction in Canada, the Globe and Mail has five experts pick their top ten Canadian novels. The 1978 Calgary conference also picked their top ten. They were: The Stone Angel (1964) Margaret Laurence. Fifth Business (1970) [...]

Anonymous Bookshelf #1

Anonymous Bookshelf #1



Photographing writers is not new. Many other photographers have specialized in images of authors. Two photographers who introduced me to the idea of photographing writers were John Reeves and Sam Tata. Reeves, a Toronto photographer who works with a large format camera, is known for his images of people connected with the arts, including writers. [...]