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Robert J. Wiersema – The World More Full Of Weeping – Novella Available in Limited Edition

This in from Robert Wiersema, the Victoria writer has a new novella coming out, get your order in for the limited edition which sounds like a great deal:

Chizine Publications has announced the release, this fall, of The World More Full of Weeping, a new novella by Robert J. Wiersema, author of the bestselling novel Before I Wake.

To quote from their synopsis: “When eleven-year-old Brian Page disappears in the woods, the entire community of Henderson rallies around his family, sending searchers into the darkening forest. But what appears to be a simple nature walk gone wrong takes an ominous turn when his father Jeff is reminded that he disappeared into the same woods a quarter century earlier, an incident of which he has no memory. What secrets lie in the mysterious forest? Will Brian follow in his father’s footsteps, and emerge shaking into the arms of his family, or will he be claimed by the eternal twilight of the trees?”

The World More Full of Weeping will be published in two editions, both of which will include, in addition to the novella, a lengthy essay entitled Places and Names, describing how the town of Henderson came to be the recurring setting for some of Wiersema’s fiction.

(By the way, these are going to be beautiful little books, smaller than your average volume, with a gorgeous, haunting cover by Erik Mohr. It’s not a long book, probably about 120 pages — it is a novella, after all — but it IS a good one. )

The trade paperback edition of The World More Full of Weeping will be published in September, and priced at a very appealing $12.95. We’ll be carrying the book as regular stock, and, why yes, there will probably be a launch at the store, if we can get Wiersema to agree to it.

There will also, however, be a limited collector’s edition hardcover published later in the fall (with a very reasonable price of about $35).

This hardcover, which as a bonus will include The Small Rain Down, a previously unpublished short story also set in Henderson, will be published in November. It will be signed by both the author and the cover artist, and will be numbered. (The print run of the limited edition will be determined by the number of people who pre-order it between now and mid-August — once the pre-order period ends, no further copies will be printed. Ever.)

As a rule, ChiZine’s limited editions have only ever been available for direct order on-line. Through a special negotiation with the publisher, however, Bolen Books has arranged to have a limited number of these books available for in-store sale upon its publication.

If you are interested in purchasing this very limited edition, please pre-order it now via email to

Publisher's Announcement

The Great BC Novel or Novella Search

Do you have the great British Columbia novel or novella stored away on your hard drive. Mother Tongue Publishing is looking for submissions. It’ll cost you $35.00 and you do have to be a resident of the province. Short List judges are Kathy Page and Karen  X. Tulchinksy ( I’ve always thought it must be terribly cool to have X as your middle initial) and the final judge is the great Jack Hodgins.

See below for details.

The Search for The Great BC NOVEL or NOVELLA

Deadline: May 31, 2009
Entry fee – $35

GOAL: To inspire and encourage the growth and appetite for regionally based literary     fiction that arises from BC landscape, history, culture, language, vision and people.

✒ Open to all writers living in British Columbia.
✒ Enter the 1st chapter ( max 30 pages) of your unpublished literary novel or novella set in British Columbia. The novel must have been completed.
✒ Include covering letter, summary (max 8 pages), short bio, name, address, ms title, phone number and email address. Ms must be double-spaced. Include SASE if you do not have email.
✒ Entries accepted or submitted for publication elsewhere are ineligible.
✒ No submissions accepted by email.
✒ No length restrictions.
✒No entries will be returned.
✒Winner and short list finalists will be notified by email (or SASE if provided). They must be able to provide full manuscript upon request.
✒ Submissions must be postmarked no later than May 31st, 2009. A short list will be announced      Fall 2009. The winning ms will be announced by December 2009.
✒Publication Fall 2010.
The winner will receive:
● A publishing contract with Mother Tongue Publishing.
● $1,000 advance.
● A regional book tour.
●Write-ups in local, regional and national papers.
●Publication of the winning novel in a beautiful trade paper edition.

Mail entries to: The Great BC Novel/Novella Search
Mother Tongue Publishing, 290 Fulford-Ganges Rd.
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2K6
Novella info:

Jack Hodgins lives on Vancouver Island where, until recently, he taught fiction writing at the University of Victoria. His novels and story collections include: Spit Delaney’s Island, The Invention of the World, Innocent Cities, Broken Ground, Distance, and Damage Done by the Storm. A Passion for Narrative (a guide to writing fiction) is used in classrooms and writing groups across Canada and Australia. Hodgins’ fiction has won the Governor General’s Award, the Canada-Australia Prize, and the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, amongst others. He has given readings, talks, or workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and several European countries, and has taught an annual fiction workshop in Mallorca, Spain. He is the recipient of the Terasen Lifetime Achievement Award and the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence in British Columbia.
Kathy Page, who moved from the UK to BC in 2001, is the author of six novels including Alphabet short-listed for a Governor General’s award in 2005, The Story of My Face, long-listed for the Orange Prize in 2002, and the recently reissued  Frankie Styne & the Silver Man. Her themes are loss, survival, and transformation: the alchemy by means of which a bad hand becomes a good chance. She is a prize-winning short-story writer as well as a novelist, has written for television and radio, and was a winner of The Traveller Writing Award. She has taught fiction writing at Universities in England, Finland, Estonia and Canada and held residencies in a variety of institutions and communities, including secondary schools, a fishing village and a men’s prison.
Karen X. Tulchinsky lives in Vancouver and her novel, The Five Books of Moses Lapinsky, was a finalist for the Toronto Book Award and winner of The Vancouver Public Library’s ‘One Book One Vancouver 2008’. Tulchinsky’s screenplay adaptation of The Five Books of Moses Lapinsky is currently in development. Her first book, In Her Nature won the 1995 VanCity Book Prize. She is the author of Love Ruins Everything and its sequel, Love and Other Ruins. A graduate of the Canadian Film Centre, Karen is a writer on ‘The Guard’ for Global TV. She wrote an episode of ‘Robson Arms’ for CTV and co-wrote ‘Floored By Love’ for City TV’s series, ‘Stories About Love’. She is currently writing a new novel, The Shoemaker’s Daughter, set between 1941 and 1977 in Russia, Vancouver and Jerusalem.