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Reading – Robert Bringhurst & Jan Zwicky

It was a full house as Wendy Morton and her Planet Earth Poetry series presented Robert Bringhurst and Jan Zwicky at the Black Stilt Cafe.


Listening as Jan Zwicky reads


The Open Mike that opens every reading allows newer poets, such as UVIC student Stephanie Warner, a chance to practice their craft.


Robert Bringhurst reads


Jan Zwicky reads


Robert Bringhurst, Carla Funk, and Wendy Morton (bottom to top, at right) listen to Jan Zwicky read.

4 replies on “Reading – Robert Bringhurst & Jan Zwicky”

Thank you for the superb photos of the night. Your poetic eye, caught the magic. Ah, poetry.
Wendy Morton

Thanks Don for these lovely photos. Great lighting! Everyone looks so profoundly connected to the poetry, which was wonderful
By the way that’s Stephen Price sitting on the floor in front of Carla Funk.

Wouldn’t have missed it!! Bringhurst and Zwicky at the mic, and an audience packed with my favourite poets: Wynand, Lilburn, Price, Morton, Pelman, Levin, Porter and Funk. “Open the door. Sunlight and singing. All that we may ask.” Zwicky.

Keep “bringing” it on, Wendy.

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