Sidney Reading Series – Susan Musgrave & Mary Novik

Out to Sidney on a wet Friday night to take in one of the Sidney Reading Series events at the Red Brick Cafe on Beacon Avenue.  Writer MAC Farrant hosted the event with readings from Vancouver novelist Mary Novik and Susan Musgrave, best known as a poet but who is also a novelist, essayist and columnist. Musgrave, a long time resident of the greater Victoria area now spends much of  her time in Haida Gwaii.


Books for sale from both writers


MC and writer MAC Farrant


Mary Novik


Susan Musgrave

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Hi Don
Those are fun photos! Not sure why they only just googled up now, but I’m glad to have seen them.
How would you feel about me using them in the photo gallery of my website?
I just realized that I haven’t put anything up there for an awful long time and your photos would be perfect. Maybe on my Facebook profile also, if that isn’t too much?
What do you think?
Thanks for considering this!

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