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Robert Bringhurst – The Surface Of Meaning – Books and Book Design in Canada

I’ve had this book The Surface Of Meaning by noted typographer/poet/writer Robert Bringhurst and published by CCSP Press for several months now and wanted to post about it for a while but wasn’t quite sure how to present it. In the end I thought a selection of pages from the book might be the simplest and best way to highlight this outstanding volume.









Gaspereau Press

We at Literary Photographer world headquarters firmly believe that books as objects can be as just as important as books are to read. Gaspereau Press, in Kentville, Nova Scotia, produces some beautiful books.

See the accompanying photo of two books from Gaspereau, Tim Bowling’s Fathom and Robert Bringhurst’s The Solid Form of Language.

This from Gaspereau’s website “At the core of our philosophy is a commitment to making books that reinstate the importance of the book as a physical object, reuniting publishing and the book arts. Many of our covers are letterpress-printed, feature original artwork by artists like Wesley Bates and George Walker, and are printed on fine paper, in some cases even handmade. Most of our books are smyth-sewn & bound into card covers and are then enfolded in letterpress-printed jackets. Our house paper is Rolland’s Zephyr Antique Laid, a creamy, sensual book paper. “